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I also have owned many cars. Jus' for fun I went to my local Corvette dealer two nights ago....I went with an open mind, and with the hope, at the very least, that this would be fun. (BTW I am not a Corvette hater - I owned two briefly in the past). In short the driving experience, however brief, was indeed fun - no denying that the Corvette is fast. I started to get swept away by my "something new - somethng fast" enthusiasm until I stepped back and reflected. At 6'3" and 210 lbs - I had to shoehorn myself into the car. I could not take a long drive in a Corvette without suffering significant fatigue. The interior had an upgraded leather interior, but the design left me cold. Moreover, the quality - especially the hardware - was a definite turnoff. . My overal impression of the car was that it was indeed fun, but it was a lot of money for something not particularily well made. The Corvette did not satisfy my personal needs or desires.

When I purchased my M3, I thought I would use it only as a weekend and pleasure car. However, I soon found the car was addicative and it has become my daily driver - every morning I push the start button and hear the rasp of the exhaust - is a good morning! The M3 is a great GT - fast, and wonderfully responsive - it offers the driver a very "connective" experience. Moreover, I find the car to be more comfy than even a 650i - it is one of the very few sports cars I know that I have to advance the driver's seat forward - I have room to spare. Moreover, I can bring my German shepherd with me on spirited drives in the mountains, and at other times, there is room for family and friends. I would characterize both the exterior and interior styling as purposeful - conveying a quiet athletic intensity.The M3 aesthetically and dynamically just works for me. The M3 is the decathelon champ.

You are obviously very passionate about your Corvette - and sports cars are less about what is practical, than what floats your boat. I say, go drive an M3 - then decide. I think in the end you will probably stay with your 'vette, just as I am happier with my M3 - it's all about passion....
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