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Originally Posted by =HPSF=roadrunne View Post
Great thread! Thanks for your hard work. No mention of the e34 front end shimmy (bad thrust/upper control arms) Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I am new here. Oh, and...

[sarcasm]My back tire is flatter on the bottom than my other one. How do I even them out?[/sarcasm]
Yeah, the thread closed out (it would not let me update it) after a certain time frame and I never got to the shimmy issue.

The front end suspension and steering components wear out on these cars in about 100K mile intervals. The infamous shimmy usually occurs as you hit about 52 mph and continues until about 57 mph or so. The most common cause is worn thrust arms. It can be the bushing, ball joint or both. However, other worn components can cause it as well. It can also be brake rotors that are warped (although this usually only causes shimmy when braking) or out of balance wheels/tires. It is best to rebuild the entire front end all at once, but it can be costly if you plan to use premium parts.

I just rebuilt mine and the parts alone were about $660. Keep in mind that I used Lemforder parts because I plan to drive the car for another 150K miles if possible. A company called FCP Groton sells front end kits that are much, much less expensive. However, there are mixed reviews on the quality and durability of the FCP parts. It is a lot of work to rebuild the front end and I just didnít feel like gambling that I might have to do it again in short order if I used the less expensive parts.

If you are on a budget and want to try to eliminate the shimmy at the least cost possible, I would start with replacing the thrust arms. Mind you that there are special loading requirements when torqueing the bolts down. Unfortunately, I didnít follow those specific instructions because I did not have 500 pounds of ballast available. I am in the process of trying to come up with a way to produce the ballast (friends that weigh 150 pounds each, bricks in boxes, free weights, etc.) and plan to re-torque the bolts once I come up with a workable solution.

Good luck with getting your baby into shape.

PS: regarding your tire issue, you need to invert and rotate your flux capacitor hyper-inflator
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It's Deja Poo - as in, I've heard this **** before.

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