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- Camera Pkg (rear/side view): This puts a small camera in front of each front wheel on the fender. Also looks like it puts a camera button on the center console to the left of the shifter.
- Conv Pkg: Same as my 2006, auto tail gate, easy close doors and keyless access
- Driver Asst Pkg: Lane Departure Warning, Auto High Beams and Blind spot detection (my rent car has this and it was awesome). This puts the warning triangle on the inside of the front mirrors. Is the Blind spot detection a standalone option? Does this also put 3 buttons on the left side of the dash by the headlights control?
- Lux Seating Pkg: Heated steering wheel, power side/rear shades, Active Driver seat, Front cooled seats, ski bag and rear heated seats. I think this is the same as 2006 except for the heated steering wheel. I'm looking for the buttons on the driver door for the shades, and the active seat (I think it is to the right of the M-1-2 buttons, what is to the left?) and of course the seat cooling button on the A/C control panel.
>>>> rear camera and luxury seating and conv pkg come as luxury pkg now. i will get it.
so is the driver assist, front view cam and hud is nice to have
- Rear Lux Seating Pkg: Rear cooled/comfort seats. Not sure how to see this other than noticing the seats a much nicer. Does this put extra controls on the rear center console (on the inside seat sides)?
>>>> i want it but encounter with the problem of possible smaller or only two seats available for the back so i pass on this
- Premium Sound Pkg: Adds Ipod/USB Adapter, Premium hi-fi (is this similar to Logic7?) and adds a 6 disk DVD changer. Does this work like Ford Sync where all the Ipod songs would be uploaded and controlled from the idrive? Also, this adds a DVD changer. Without the Rear entertainment package would this only make CDs usable or does this allow the front seat passengers to watch DVDs?
>>>>> this is standard and now have the bang olufsen system, 3700 but i tried on other bmw and it sound just like premium ( listenned to on the floor by jlo), (a BO audio specialist at local BO stored said the system was research for the purpose of make all sound band rich and clear and audible for everyone, none should be more dominant than other. BO suits best for classical, orchestra, instrumental music such as kenny g, beethoven, etc. ). i skip on BO
- Rear Entertainment Pkg: Puts the DVD screens on each seat - easy to see. What should I be looking for accessory wise? There should be 2 wireless headphones and a remote control, right?
>>>>having some rear entertainment is nice, good for long road, such as the drive from las vegas to los angeles, but i can replace oem sys with ipad. the oem system has (stated by sale rep) only one dvd source, so both of my kids must share the movie. Two ipad would do better job. they have ipad hanger for less than 200. in addition, the rear enter.sys. screen position is ok for adult but too hig for my kid.
- Sport Pkg: 19 inch wheels, Active Steering with sport leather steering wheel, Shadowline trim and roof trim the same as the body color. Easy to see from the outside, window trim is black instead of silver. Is this a 100% of the sport pkg as shadowline trim wasn't a standalone option that year correct? Is the roof trim a better indicator? Also what is the impact of active steering?
>>>>> i dont have thecaryetbut some change is appearance is nice but not nessesary.
- Ceramic Controls: Seems tough for me to tell the difference.
- Active Cruise: This will put 2 additional buttons on the left side of the steering wheel and one button on the left dash. Rent car also had this and we loved it, though it took a little while to get used to.
>>>>> i drive the car and rarely use cruise control, so i pass.
- Smart Phone Integration: Not sure how to spot or what it does.
>>>>> standard ??
- Night Vision: I think this adds the camera behind the left grill. Now sure though how to spot. Is this option worth it at $2600?
>>>>> i pass on this
- HUD: Not sure how to spot this.
>>>>> standard with luxury pkg

other options werent list but i prefer to have is ARS and Full LED.
I dont know if you need cold weather pkg in NV but sure i do in MN
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