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Originally Posted by RDZumbaugh View Post
When I ordered my 2013 328, I elected not to get the snap in adapter because I know I have to get a new iPhone and have been waiting for the new iPhone5 to come out. Hopefully, BMW will start selling the adapter that will fit the new iPhone so I can add it later. HOPING!!!! If not, I'll just plug it in but I can't imagine that they won't make a new snap in adapter for the new phone.
You don't want the snap-in adapter. I've gotten a lot of good advice in this thread and now have first-hand information to share after 5 days with the L328i. Much of this comes from Techic and others with my own experience mixed in, but we'll put it in this one spot so that others may benefit:

Cradle Not Even Necessary: BMW Apps run off the standard white USB cord that comes with your iPhone without the cradle. The only thing that the cradle gives you is better reception (only if you're in a really rural area) a faster charge (the standard USB cord is good enough for charging) and an Apple-designed UI for iPod's and iPhones (has a big limitation, can't do split-screens for navigation).

BMW Apps: They are not good, simple as that. Facebook and Twitter are very silly, there's a music streaming app but it's not Pandora (you use the Pandora app directly for that) and nothing else of real value. There is a BMW app that's not part of "apps" for the car, ironically, and it's called BMW Assist and that is completely wireless, you don't need any adapter or sync at all. Again, you can use BMW Apps without the cradle, just the white USB cord anyway.

Imprisoned iPhone: Unless you routinely take lengthy drives, you simply aren't going to want to dock/undock your iPhone in an armrest over and over again. And if you have a case (like the Apple bumper) you can forget it as it won't fit in the cradle and you won't want to have that extra step added in the mix either. We have khaki's with deep pockets, we have Bluetooth, our iPhones either stay in our pockets or they sit in the tray and we scan the home screen if a text message comes through. We're not trapping them under an armrest.

BMW App Functionality Is Bad: In order for Facebook and Twitter and the other lame BMW Apps to work you need to have the Connected Drive app running on your iPhone. The drawback? Anything that comes into your phone to disrupt the BMW Connected Drive app running shuts it down. So you could be reading a Facebook message about your friend's new baby photo (wonderful) and suddenly a phone call comes in and WHAM, the Facebook message is gone and now you're in a phone call. When done, you have to re-launch the BMW Connected Drive app and it doesn't remember where you left off.

The iDrive UI For iPod/iPhone Is Damn Good: I really wanted the Apple designed music app because it looked just like my beloved Apple TV. But then I found out that it isn't full screen and it doesn't allow split screen with nav intersection overtakes and that was the end of that. Now, I'm thinking the BMW UI is going to suck because, after all, it's not Apple but guess what- it's really good. I'd argue it's better than the Apple designed one because it simply is better integrated with the rest of iDrive.

A lot of typing to simply say: "Don't buy the cradle."

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