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Looking at a E34 M5 and have questions...

I am looking at a 1991 M5. Saw it and drove it today. Overall a nice car. No rust. 185000 miles. Been repainted, but paint in decent shape.

After driving it I have a few questions:

1. The gearshift seems to be rather vague. Not at all like I'm used to. The reverse doesn't even seem to have a detent to prevent you from accidentally shifting into reverse. Is this normal?
2. The clutch engages right off the floor. Again, normal?
3. The car was tight and handled well. Idled smooth, lots of power. Overall I liked it. The interior, while there were no rips and tears, but it was a little worn. Are most of the interior components standard E34?
4. The dog bones and some suspension components will need to be replaced, but that is no problem.
5. The current owner seems pretty knowledgeable on what is required to keep this car up and follows the required maintenance schedule. I think this is good.

I currently own a 735iL, so some of the systems are familiar to me, but I'm also aware that the S28 is unique and expensive. While expensive is a known what happens if something goes major wrong with the engine. Are there places where I can get parts to do a rebuild? Pistons, rings, bearings, valves, guides, timing chains, etc.

This is probably the biggest concern I have about the car. I don't mind spending bucks to rebuild the engine, but I do want to be able to get the components to do the job right.

Thanks in advance.
'91 735il
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