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Originally Posted by _Ethrty-Andy_ View Post
oh there is, its just the M5 has its own forum here, its not in the normal E34 section. quite why they have it seperate i dont know.

1/ No, you should require extra effort to shift into Reverse, assuming that the gearbox is the standard R135/24 pattern, rather than the dogleg R24/135 pattern. the dogleg has no limiter as far as i know, as youd be moving the shifter left and down rather than left and up for reverse, so you can't really screw that up.
2/ should have a bit of movement in the pedal, though it may suggests that the clutch is a heavy duty one, so may be normal.
3/ not a question?
4/ Piece of cake
5/ a lot of people can come across knowledgable, be wary
A buddy of mine has 2 (one track, one street) IIRC. on the s38 make sure you have good and even compression out of all cylinders. Again IIRC he said compression loss is usually a common issue with higher mileage s38s.
IMO take buddy with you or pay a bmw tech to go with you and have that checked out.

How much compression?!? I can't say. I don't own one. You can search the topic and you'll get your answer plus other answers your looking for.

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