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Originally Posted by neilk View Post
I agree.

If I know I need to make a quick getaway, I just slide the shifter into DS mode too. To me it's not that much of a pain, at least it wasn't during my 10 day ED. Perhaps when I get the car in the US, I might change my mind, but I doubt it. I'll take the fuel savings.
Hitting little buttons, using DS, tapping the brake.....I didn't buy a $50,000 luxury car for it to cause me more work. And if I cared about saving $2.25 a week on fuel costs I wouldn't have chosen a throaty German performance car with turbo and the need for premium gas either.

I did not buy an economy car, I did not buy a Hybrid. I should not be coerced to act in an eco-friendly way if I don't want to. The car has an Eco Mode button; the ASS should only kick in if someone chooses that mode. Otherwise it should quietly disappear. Even when I have the firmware update to 'remember last state' I'm still going to be paranoid that it didn't stick or that I tapped it inadvertently. I just want out, shouldn't have to deal with this.

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