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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
There's a hesitation when the car restarts. It's only a split-second but it's enough to cause a delay and/or lack of confidence in making a fast scoot across traffic which is an unfortunate fact of life in busy urban areas.

I live in a development that lets out on both sides onto 25 MPH roads where people routinely go 50 MPH, one of which points due west and at 5pm the glaring sun blinds drivers. I live in a suburb of NYC so it's congested here, nothing I can do about that. So you pick your spots, you floor the accelerator, and you merge with the flow. And in that instant when you decide its 'go' time, you don't want the thought of a restarting engine clouding your focus.

Additionally, while I'm driving the car 95% of the time, on those two days a month that the wife needs to use it she'll never remember to shut ASS off or even remember that ASS exists and so when she feels that shudder of restart in that situation she would likely hit the brakes thinking something is wrong and thus slide halfway into traffic.

In this country there will be a huge learning curve about ASS and a lot of accidents as the technology rolls out and I don't want to be any part of it.

Thanks. So it's about the learning curve. I would hope the dealer CA's are doing a good job educating their customers on how the ASS system works. I think that after a while it becomes second nature.
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