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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
Thanks. So it's about the learning curve. I would hope the dealer CA's are doing a good job educating their customers on how the ASS system works. I think that after a while it becomes second nature.
I understood how it worked from various YouTube 328i video reviews I watched while waiting the weeks to get my car from Germany. I read the threads on multiple BMW forums. I got a good walkthru from my CA.

It's not a matter of how it works. It's a matter of while it's doing its job its causing a potentially unsafe situation for drivers crossing traffic. Hey, if I lived in nowhere Idaho I'd love the feature. Why not? Lots of open road, turns without another car in sight for miles, bring it on. I just see this as a mess in a big city. I bought my BMW, in part, because when I need gobs of power BOOM, I get gobs of power and can bail myself out of a tight situation. ASS defeats this confidence.

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