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Originally Posted by macd1995 View Post
Nice! Online tracking not good... Can't be trusted.
I think the Rims you have are the second best offered by BMW-- the style 375 rims ($7K) are beautiful.

I really like the Active Steering, as does my wife, though I also like how tight the Steering is on my other lighter BM. It feels more aggressive.

I also like the top camera, but have had no use for the side cameras so far. I am a Droid user, and the lack of BMW Apps integration for Android is an annoyance. I thought I could tether internet to my ipod Touch and take advantage of the App, but that has failed miserably. What do you like about the Adaptive Drive? I have not driven a car with one.
Thanks - Looked through your pics... pretty sweet color combo you have there macd1995!

Hmmm... my latest update on active steering is still "getting used to it". I would describe it like this... It's very practical and useful at low speed when parking because it seems like you barely need to turn the wheel (and with virtually no effort) to make a huge turn and get in and out of a tight spot. It is a strange experience because you get to where it locks like you've turned it as far as it can go awfully fast... seems like it less than a half turn (?) but it may actually be more.

At higher speeds (i.e., nothing crazy yet!), it seems to add to a feeling of a very solid, controlled turn, albeit with less turning of the wheel.

At the speeds in between, it is definitely "less tight" feel than those who've driven a lot of BMW's may be accustomed and therefore can feel less aggressive. That is where I feel the jury is out with me. It has only been a couple days but there are times where I think to myself, hey this doesn't feel tight enough.

Overall, I am liking and think I will get used to this new steering experience, but can't say yet if I love it.

Adaptive Drive - I got it again because it really seems to keep this hulking car "flatter" around turns and perhaps less bouncy, too. I'm not saying any X6's are bouncy at all (I have never driven an X6 without Adaptive Drive), but having had a 2007 X5 4.8i and my wife having a 2012 X5 35d, I think of the X5 as a little bouncy (though still firm/tight!) and in my head feel like the adaptive drive helps to mitigate this. Maybe I just believe the marketing and adapt my thinking and am therefore brainwashed into spending more for it - who knows.

Last little tidbit... A CA at the dealer was informing me there would be an "update" soon that would allow iPhone text messages (or maybe all phones?) to appear in the "Office" section of the iDrive menu, and it would read your text messages. I have never looked this up to know whether it's something to be excited about or interested in, or whether there is even any truth to it, but I do feel that update would make sense.
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