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Originally Posted by KMA View Post
Some pics of BMW Apps on X6... Have not gotten the snap-in adapter I ordered yet, so plugged in the other way to check it out. Probably volumes written about this stuff on some other message board, but I've never looked into it... just tinkering with new car. Figured would share even if old news to most.

The unexpected was that you don't have to stay in one menu... it sort of integrates the app choices into appropriate menus.

All this and still can't get text messages through this thing!
I have seen some of this when I plugged the iPad in. I will get the mobile plan on my wife's iPad again to see if the will work with the Apps. Tethering on the Galaxy Nexus has not proved to be effective.

Originally Posted by KMA View Post
Last little tidbit... A CA at the dealer was informing me there would be an "update" soon that would allow iPhone text messages (or maybe all phones?) to appear in the "Office" section of the iDrive menu, and it would read your text messages. .
I am really curious about the email messages, though I wonder if that will only work with the European models now.

The coolest feature that I did not know about was sending destinations to my car via Google maps:
1) Find location at home
2) Send to car,
3) Get in said car
4) click and then go... awesome!

Originally Posted by KMA View Post
Thanks - Looked through your pics... pretty sweet color combo you have there macd1995!
Thanks! Probably only ride with base model rims for 50i-- third best offered by BMW in my opinion (smile)

Originally Posted by KMA View Post
Hmmm... my latest update on active steering is still "getting used to it". I would describe it
Overall, I am liking and think I will get used to this new steering experience, but can't say yet if I love it.
Car feels light and responsive to me... I attribute that to AS. I 100% agree that it feels loose at moderate speeds, but I'll take it. When i drive the vert, I just have an appreciation for the stiffness,

I am still not convinced about Adaptive Drive...

Originally Posted by Giants84 View Post
Did you see the Mog app in there? Damn cant wait to get my car already lol.
You are sounding a little like me... could it be because we used the same dealer (smile).. Anticipation is one of life's beautiful gift, so enjoy it! The car is going to be awesome!

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