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I sat in Twizzy

I sat in a production Renault Twizzy today.

The car looks a lot like the concept. Google will find you images or look here if you want to see one:

Dealer said they retail for about 7,000. Price starts at 6,690 but the doors are 545 option. Batteries rent for 45/month.

Driving position isn't bad and visibility is very good. Seat is comfortable enough. The 'doors' swing up when open. Mechanism isn't bad. The doors don't have windows and the Twizy doesn't have heat either. Bring a parka and gloves. It will be cold in the winter.

There is a normal UK style power cord under a small hatch in the front. Twizy plugs into a standard 220V UK wall plug for charging.

While Renault calls it a two seater, the rear seat is almost useless. I can fit, but the rear passenger's legs go on either side of the front seat. Rear head room isn't great. The back is very uncomfortable and claustrophobic. There is a lockable storage compartment under and behind the rear seat. The seat itself it best used for a grocery bag or other small item.

The car feels plastic. The interior has to be splash proof since doors are an option on all trim levels. Even if you have them, they don't have windows. There is a lot of cheap plastic on the exterior too. A 4 year old Twizy probably won't look very good. On the other hand, the plastic trim parts could be cheap and easy to replace.

On a more positive note, the Electric Kangoo Van is now available too. I've asked for a brochure and a price list. The dealer says they have one in their network that can be reserved for test drives.
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