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Originally Posted by vern View Post
Originally Posted by SGScxxx
Do you know how the CAR put itself in neutral? Cos it seems a little unlikely.
Originally Posted by bradlexxxxx
I went through the same thing. He's not lying. The whole ordeal is very unsettling when it happens. It happened to me during a perfectly timed stop/start. I pulled up to a stop sign at a street in a private neighborhood. Being a responsible driver, I brought the car to a full stop. Because it was a private neighborhood, and I had clear visibility, I started to go almost immediately. I completely forgot about the stop/start, but it shut the engine down right as I was letting go of the brake, which kicked the start sequence in at the same moment. The car jerked a bit, and the engine stalled. Getting it started again involves a lot more steps than you'd think.
See above conversation from the thread in another BMW forum. Another person reporting in with ASS issues, another unexpected stall in a usually very predictable situation.

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