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BMW Battery problems?

I have a 2010 BMW 128I with 28K miles that we have had fro 2 1/2 years. when we bought it the bragged about bumper to bumper waranty and the quality of the product. Well I just found out when the look at the fault codes the have some the say "blaim the customer". turns out they would not replace the defective batterybecause it regestered code 73. Then they proceded to tell me it was my fault because I left the key in the car. Which I thought strange since the key was in my wifes purse and does not need to be in the ignition to start. Then I got schooled on how to properly hit the button "twice" to turn the car I had been driving for 2.5 years off. Long story short and $362 later I had to pay for a new battery. When I went to pick it up the gave me the reason it was my fault. "Unfavorable driving profile" the battery can be depleted due to unfavorable driving caracteristics of the customer.
Unfavorable driving profile
The battery can be depleted due to unfavorable driving characteristics of the customer:
- In the case of extreme short-distance driving, it is possible that starting the engine takes more energy from the battery than is charged in the subsequent trip. The charge balance deteriorates if a great many current consumers are switched on during the subsequent trip.
- Very few trips: If the vehicle is moved very infrequently and the individual trips are not sufficiently long, it is possible that during the immobilization period more energy is taken from the battery by normal closed-circuit current than is charged while the vehicle is being driven.
If possible, point out these facts to the customer.
Has any one had any luck with BMW on this?
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