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Originally Posted by Elk View Post

If a stall at a busy intersection led to routine, tragic accidents there would be few drivers that survived the first year of a manual transmission. Yet, people easily live through it. Without unnecessary drama. Go figure, they should all be dead. Dead! (note the added drama)

A stall as a result of ASS is no different, unless you make a stupid driving decision and pull out in front of another. At this point the fault is not with the car.
I'm talking about a world 3 years from now where 30% of all cars on the road are automatics with ASS. Those inexperienced non-enthusiasts are going to get into a lot of trouble and some accidents due to engine hesitation and the resulting driver insecurity.

You mention drivers with manual transmissions and their stalling. Anyone driving a manual is an enthusiast of sorts, not your typical Mrs. Camry out to get her hair done. It's her I'm worried about because she's the one who I'm going to t-bone unnecessarily.

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