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Originally Posted by wyb View Post
you mean you don't drive like that with all the safeties off when you're have a blast and wanting to stretch the legs of your 335i?
I don't know what you consider as stretching legs, but the turns that are as close to hairpin as some of the ones at Pike's that I can think of near me are probably 30 mph (or a lot less) zones, and very residential. I'm talking about the screeches like the hairpin turn halfway through, I wouldn't even know how he pulls that off. So, no, not like that ever, pretty much. Safeties are almost always on, I never dump the clutch, I never power shift, and I don't have an LSD. I guess screeching is dependent on the actual tires being used. Mine (PSS) chirp often on acceleration, and I try to feather it at times in anticipation of possibly losing some traction. However, I'm not a skilled driver, and don't pretend to be. Maybe you can teach me?

Originally Posted by FIA View Post
The do have break check points but I think it was just visual last time I was there. "93". I see now they paved the upper portion which ruined the track in my opinion. Last time I was there was the week before the race. Some guy was practicing illegally and shattered the windshield on my brand new car with rocks. Park Rangers ran him down and brought him to the front gate where we were waiting. Some Oriental guy got out apologizing profusely and paid us $ 500 for the damage.
Geez. Thanks for the reply, I wonder what they're particularly looking for with a visual. Do rotors get some particular sheen, discoloration, or something right before failure, I'm just wondering.

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