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01 740i - Tranny Downshift Issue

Hello I am a recent owner of a 2001 740i. I am currently having an odd issue that I have noticed a few times. When I am coming to a stop from at least 40mph or so the car will downshift very suddenly and semi harshly. No noises or anything like that, just a harsh downshift, also when you go back to accelerate, unless you press the throttle pretty hard, it seems kind of sluggish off the line, kind of feels like it being pulled back.

Also I noticed when coming to a stop during the harsh downshift my rpms go down at a normal rate, while my MPG gauge seems to stay up even when my foot isn't on the peddle. Is this normal?!?!?

I know my description may seem vague and I apologize but any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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