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Also my first post

Originally Posted by Martin5333 View Post
maxeaus, It seems according to your description that I had your same problem. I changed the transfer case oil and that solved the situation ( I hit 90K km at the time). I would check this first. If the color of the transfer case oil is like a cola color your should change it. It is expensive ( $50 for 0,6 lts) but you`ll notice no more jerking.
Be sure, as well to have all your tires that comply with the specifications indicated in your owner`s manual of your vehicle.
My mechanic also diagnosed my 2005 X3 (106,000 miles) with a transfer case problem because of the slight whining noise on deceleration and acceleration. I then took it to the BMW dealer, who came up with the same thing. After reading Martin's post, I asked them to change the transfer fluid (which was supposedly done at 96K) and will get it back today. I will also have the tires checked just to make sure they are in compliance. Although this is my first post, I depend on this forum all the time! Thank you.
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