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Originally Posted by jonesin View Post
Hmm, that would be sweet!

Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
i don't understand it....resistance values and voltage values are the same thing....the afm is a potentiometer, and so it the element in the maf. the only difference would be a hz signal, which bmw did not use. (ford does)

i cannot say for certain what the values are on an afm, as i have not speced out the e28. i will, though, and based upon the schematics, will swap in a maf directly to see what the effect is. i have an afm from my m70 (essentially a 2.5 X 2) that i can play with, so we shall see what is what....

be kinda cool if you could swap out the afm for a maf, eh??


Videos coming, I'll try and explain what's going on.

The first video (sorry it's kinda long) shows it running on first start up. As you can see, I give it throttle and it dies the first time. Start it up again and I can throttle it decently, the rpms are pretty high but then they start to come down and down until it dies. I keep the throttle steady during this.

After you see me do this a few times, it won't start anymore. I pulled and plug, here's the picture:

The I tested for spark, and sure enough it still has it. So it must be a fuel problem somewhere.

One more thing, here is the connector that comes off the O2 sensor, looks pretty bad. Is there a resistor or anything in there, or should I just cut and re attach?

Turbo Build Here

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