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Any chance you can ship it? Otherwise I'm going to have to find another one, I can't really wait much longer.


Videos coming, I'll try and explain what's going on.

The first video (sorry it's kinda long) shows it running on first start up. As you can see, I give it throttle and it dies the first time. Start it up again and I can throttle it decently, the rpms are pretty high but then they start to come down and down until it dies. I keep the throttle steady during this.

After you see me do this a few times, it won't start anymore. I pulled and plug, here's the picture:

The I tested for spark, and sure enough it still has it. So it must be a fuel problem somewhere.

One more thing, here is the connector that comes off the O2 sensor, looks pretty bad. Is there a resistor or anything in there, or should I just cut and re attach?

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