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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
I don't know if you have seen this yet but this is the most detailed full frame restoration of an E36 I've ever seen. He made his own chassis rotator.
yes I have seen that, its so inspiring isnt it! reading that thread with all the work he did has motivated me to go through with a full restoration, not really that I need to or anything but I've always wanted to have a perfect e36 so ya. I ordered 2 new front fenders and the both rocker panels yesterday, i still need 3 more pieces. The rear Fender repair panels and also the tail light panel, the same one the guy used for the alpina. getting though's panels in and coated with rust bullet is my winter project, I'll slowly put it all back together over the spring and summer, hope to have it on the road around this time next year. after all the suspension, steering and brakes are done, then I 'll see to the engine, that way it will be a brand new car in 2 years. still havent picked a color yet... haha
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