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Originally Posted by bmguy View Post
Wel lI got a response from BMW on this topic!

Here is there response;

"This is just a poor English translation.
• “high guiding” means the directional arrows that are typical of nav systems. (i.e. read it as a “high-level guidance”)
• “lane guiding” refers to our “ramp view”, which shows you exactly which lane to get into on an off ramp. (i.e. read it as a “detailed lane-level guidance”). This feature is particularly useful on ramps around 400/407, Airports, etc.

I’ll have our web colleagues look into alternate ways to communicate these features more clearly. Thanks for bringing it to our attention."
Perhaps a more illuminating quote? Sounds a little more useful than the description above. Assuming it works of course and that the maps are better.

"High Guiding and 3D City Models.

For the purposes of actual route guidance, the familiar guiding function using arrows in the split screen has now been supplemented by a High Guiding variant, which clearly flashes up detailed navigation information in the multifunctional instrument cluster display, the central information display as well as the Head-Up Display.

High Guiding is automatically activated when the vehicle comes within a certain range of the next navigation instruction: from a distance of 300 metres outside built-up areas and 150 metres in built-up areas, the reduced arrow display switches to a detailed bird’s-eye perspective of the surrounding area.

The driver furthermore receives precise directions for changing lane at the right time. As the driver draws closer to the event, the display gradually shifts from the bird’s-eye map view to an overhead view of the traffic situation for optimum orientation and guidance. A dynamic display of the vehicle’s present position calculated in real time serves as an aid that allows drivers to closely track their progress throughout the turn-off phase.

The new navigation view option “3D City Models” features a realistic depiction of surrounding streets and buildings to help drivers get their bearings, provided such a visualisation of the city in question is stored in the vehicle’s database."
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