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So, I finally figured it out, but went the long way around the barn to get there.....

in order of what we did:
replaced fuel pump with a new bosch
replaced all filters, and gas lines
replaced the "sock" that goes on the bottom of the fuel sending/gauge float in the tank
added a 2nd filter in line, just to be sure

tested the pressure at the rail, 30-38 psi at idle and revving while in neutral
ran car on road, with pressure meter attached, ran fine for about 1/2 mile at moderate speed, when put under acceleration in any gear, pressure dropped to 8 psi or less, with no response from throttle. once car sat for 10 minutes, this process could be repeated again with same result.

finally, after a few filter changes, removing the 2nd filter, we decided to test the "flow" of the fuel at a few points in the system, BINGO..... the new bosch fuel pump had a flaw. new pump installed, gas tank removed and sent to shop for cleaning, and problem seems solved. Now on to the fun stuff, new rotors, calipers (2 pistons on each caliper were frozen and missing the rubber) pads and tires.

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