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Originally Posted by rauan View Post
Hey Gents, can someone help me?

I changed region code from 1 to 2 and front display shows me only menu of DVD disc and Rear DVD still says unknown code. I guess we changed wrong player. Can someone please tell me how I can change it for back DVD and why the front one doesn't play

Also vehicle profile still says:
[102] 697_DVD_CODE_1_US_CAN
For the front, since you are not getting an "Unknown Code" error, it looks like the coding of Area-Code 2 for DVD worked. I'm not sure why it isn't playing the DVD though. Are you sure the DVD is Region 2 coded, and again, is the DVD NTSC encoded, as I doubt PAL encoded DVD's will play at all, no matter if the DVD Player's region matches.

As for the Rear, I do not know for sure, but it should have it's own ECU, likely called RSE. In it, it should have the same parameter, or something very similar in name as the CIC AREA_CODE_DVD setting that can be changed as well.

I would not worry about the VO Option, as your FDL Coding is overriding that. It would only revert back to the VO if you later decided to CODE the CIC and RSE modules based on the VO. Just as an FYI, these are the factory Option Codes for DVD Regions:

S697A Area-Code 1 for DVD
S698A Area-Code 2 for DVD
S699A Area-Code 3 for DVD
S700A Area-Code 4 for DVD
S701A Area-Code 5 for DVD
S702A Area-Code 6 for DVD

I do not think there is a factory Option Code Area-Code 0 for DVD "All Regions", although it may be an FDL Coding option. I don't know without looking. I don't think either that there is a factory Option Code "ALL", although there is an FDL Code setting of "alle_anderen / Werte=00", which is "all other". This is confusing, as it is unclear if it includes or excludes the U.S. Usually Region "ALL" means it can play discs with any region flag set, however, "ALL OTHER" indicates perhaps something else. One BMW Document I read states "all countries excluding the USA."

A few words of CAUTION taken from the "E70 Rear Seat Entertainment" manual (RSE):

"The DVD area code can be changed during coding only if mileage is below 60 miles on the odometer."

I am not sure I believe this.

"The RSE control unit permits a maximum of five area code changes, then the area code of the DVD most recently inserted is stored in the RSE control unit. As a result, only DVDs with the area code defined in the RSE control unit can then be played"

This I believe, I know someone with an F25 that retrofitted his CIC, and he changed his AREA_CODE_DVD setting one too many times, and it locked in the last setting and he was unable to FDL Code it anymore.

"The number of changes still possible and the area code currently set can be issued in the BMW diagnostic system under RSE control unit functions"

I wonder if this is a setting that can be coded, effectively resetting the change count back to 5?

"Changing the area code in the control unit by coding reduces the number of possible area code changes. If changes are no longer possible, the control unit must be replaced when a DVD with a different area code is to be played."

I think rather than replaced, the firmware can be flashed, resetting the change count.

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