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Originally Posted by CABimmerNation View Post
I did 10-12 stop watch measurements when stock and 10-12 after the dinan tune. They were all within .1 of 5 when stock and .1 of 4.3 when tuned. so say what you want, it's a good way to see if it's installed or not. Remember, BMW tried to pull the same crap with me the first time they installed the software. It wasn't installed and my 0-60 times were still 4.9-5.1 every time.

You really need to do a little more research if you want to comment here with facts. 750i stock is 5.0, 750li is 5.1. Also numbers the the new M5 are all over the place on the internet, but should be under 4.

Yes, Richards numbers prove his software was not installed correctly.

I have also raced a 2012 M3 coupe in a straight line and slowly walked away from him, 0-60 on the M3 being 4.4.

So piss on everything I say all you want, it doesn't change the fact that I have proven that the Dinan is installed correctly on my car. Also I do my 0-60 stopwatch voodoo everytime I get the car back from the dealership, even if they tell me they haven't upgarded the software.

Maybe do some upgrades yourself and stop armchairing things you have no first hand knowledge of.
All I see is more trash talk and no proof.. At this I leave you to what you do best - stop watch measurements and arrogant bashing. You're not even able to do some basic research and check the official BMW site to find the m5 time of 4.3, kinda shows how all your other statements work out.
The last comment is not just arrogant, but simply a derision.
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