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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
You are using some pretty conservative numbers. The Audi S8 has 20 more hp, but 100 less ftlbs torque than Dinan and it has been tested 0-60 in 4.0 seconds. The M5 has been tested at 3.6 seconds 0-60.

Since the F01 has been around for a few years, C&D has plenty of 0-60 test data:

4.3s - 2011 B7 (4710lbs)
4.3s - 2011 B7x (4886lbs)
4.4s - 2010 760Li (5150lbs)
4.5s - 2011 7AH (4807lbs)
5.1s - 2011 740i (4381lbs)
5.1s - 2010 750Lxi (4980lbs)
5.2s - 2009 750i (4760lbs)
5.2s - 2009 750Li (4475lbs)
5.3s - 2011 750Li (4602lbs)

Road & Track didn't do as many tests, but they were faster:

4.3s - 2011 B7 (4795lbs)
4.3s - 2011 760Li (5000lbs)
4.9s - 2010 750i (4600lbs)
4.9s - 2009 750Li (4735lbs)

Now none of these acceleration numbers are guarunteed for any particular car. There are a few of us over in the F10 forum that have taken our Dinan cars to the dragstrip and our results have varied quite a bit. Track run #2: 1/4 mile times w/ Stage III

I suspect if we had taken our cars to the track while they were still stock we still would have seen variations in results.
Stock m5 has been tested at 4.2 - 4.4, GRIP tests them here @ nordschleife first hand. Documented, approved by M rep.
Obviously even a simple tune can get this car down to under 4s, but that is NOT stock.

And you're forgetting the major weight difference on the s8 - deliberately?I won't even mention the torque trustability.
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