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i had a similar experience with my m. I had to bring it in for the rear gear fluid change and i know they would be some miles on it for a test ride so i recorded my odometer miles on paper and how many miles till the tank was empty (196 till empty tank and took a picture of it. I decided to go one step further and record as i pulled into the service department and turned the camera on the miles and on the days newspaper before i got out into my car. Well they gave me a loaner car and said they will call me back when my car is finished. The next day they call and said for me to come and pick up my car its all done so i happily went to the dealer to get rid of the 328 they gave me and get my M back. When i got in my car i looked at the miles on the odometer and the miles till the tank would be empty and i could not believe what i seen ... First the orange light was on and said 54 miles and my odometer magically went from 16,006 to 16,098 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i did not even move my car and went to the service manager and told him what happened. His response was no thats impossible we write down everything when you came here and we only put 11 miles on your car and replaced the gas we used. So i showed him the pic and the video with the miles i had and the gas i had along with the days newspaper. Then his attitude changed real fast "I Dont know how this could of happened someone is lying and taking advantage of customers i am terrible sorry and will get to the bottom of this and call you as soon as i find out what happened.. Well about three days later he called and said we still cant figure out what happened ( YA GOTTA BE KIDDING ME SOMONE TOOK MY CAR FOR A JOY RIDE) anyway he said he was gonna make it up to me and sent me $1000 dollar gift card or somekind of card to be used at the dealer in anyway i see fit and a $250 gas card .. not bad but .. i still dont know what the hell that mechanic did to my car when he put 92 miles on it when it only needed about 15 to test it out
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