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Started installing the AMG Paddle Shifters in my car yesterday. Ntt quite done yet, but here's a step by step of how I did it:

Mercedes AMG Paddles:

Start by removing the sheathing on the two wires attached to the paddles:

Mark an outline of the shape of the paddles base on the back of the steering wheel:

I decided to use a rotary tool instead of a bladed instrument to cut out the holes. Not a great idea, but then again..I'm not as praticed with using a Dremel-type tool. Those with more experience may do better.

Start cutting to expose the metal backing plate that runs behind the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions:

Drill two holes in each metal plate. One for the mounting hole on the paddles and one to run the wires from the paddles into the steering wheel.

Looks like a hackjob, but at least it won't be visible with the wheel mounted back on the car.
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