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Originally Posted by bimmerized View Post
Thanks. So we will be expected to pay tax on the original amount and then after the bottom line, the $1K will be deducted? In this way, we are actually getting closer to $900 instead of $1K (in CA at least) since we will have paid tax on the $1K before it was deducted.

Can someone who has cashed in please confirm how it all worked out? thanks.
Originally Posted by bimmerized View Post
Thanks. This makes more sense since this program is an allowance and not a rebate.

Any others have experiences either way?
Can anyone else comment on this...? Jon come save the day please!

Does this discount come off the negotiated price which you THEN pay tax on,

or do you pay tax on the FULL amount of the vehicle, THEN get $1000 off the full amount?

My dealership seems to think it's the latter; where I have to pay tax on the full amount of the vehicle. Is this correct? So I am paying tax on $1,000 that I didn't really spend on the car?

If anyone can comment w/ their experiences it would be very helpful... Thanks in advance.
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