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Originally Posted by UncleJ View Post
How about any "slipping" -- have you noticed that? Usually that is the classic sign of a failing clutch. The signs you mention remind me of a badly adjusted clutch, or a clutch in need of adjustment back when you had to do that sort of thing to a clutch. Now it is supposed to be self adjusting I believe. There is also a known problem area with BMW M/T's - the "clutch release valve". You did not mention how many miles -- perhaps it is just time to redo the thing, they don't last forever and if you got 90-100K miles out of it you are doing very well.
He said he had 55K. This is not likely the CDV as it's only active when releasing the clutch. He's having issues with the clutch fully depressed.

To the OP:

My bet would be that fluid is leaking past the plunger and back into the brake reservoir when hot allowing the clutch to close. If you're in the UK you have everything on the exhaust side which is much hotter than the intake side of the engine.

While hot press the clutch in and hold it for about 30 seconds and see if you have problems getting the car into gear.

You could also (while stopped) put the car in 6th, hold the clutch to the floor for a half a minute or so and see if your rpm's begin to drop. If so you have a master cylinder problem which is much cheaper and easier to fix.

I highly doubt you have a mechanical clutch problem.
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