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Originally Posted by macd1995 View Post
Nice. Purchase or Lease? What color interior? I think your tunaround time was nothing short of phenomenal! Congrats... why no LED? BTW... your caption says X5 instead of X6!
Woops - Obviously meant X6... LOL

To me: LED's are something that should be included in an 80K car. I'm not paying just to have prettier halos and a marginal increase in illumination.
IMO: If you buy an "Upgrade" in a car, it should enhance your driving experience - More Power, Better Sound, Better Ride, Better Steering.

Went with black interior - simple, easy to keep clean and doesn't get too dirty too fast.

My impressions of the 2013 X6 vs. the 2012 X6:
Car seems to "Glide" power is smoother, more linear. I'm not sure if I can really tell the difference in the "Performance" upgrade. BUT, I haven't opened it up yet due to break in.
It could be the 8 speed transmission and I intend to flex it's muscle later.

Enhanced premium sound - ABSOLUTELY... enough said.

Would like to see a larger, higher res navigation screen - i.e. 6 series

Would LOVE to see - full color HUD, like all the other BMW's, do not understand why the X5 and X6 don't have the upgrade.

20 inch rims are gorgeous and I dread buying new tires... Wheel and Tire Warranty is a MUST Have.


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