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Originally Posted by P_T View Post
The 3.46 will get you from 0 to what every faster than a 3.07 unless there is some internal problem in the differential, that is just simple physics. The 3.07 will give you fewer RPM at the same speed thus saving fuel. If the software limit was not modified, your top end will be the same, you will just be reving higher. If the speed limiter is no longer present, the top end will be higher with the 3.07.

BTW, it was a good visit in Bama, a pleasure to visit face to face. I checked the clutch's not for 6-speed.
Good points here and others made. I think my frustration stems from the DISA problem and lack of power. This morning in the crisp air it felt great. For now, I am keeping the 3.46. But who knows. Maybe I'll find the ever tough to find 3.23 I want.

And indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch together!

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now, go burn your Man Card, and buy yourself a Camry....
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