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Earlier this summer I sold my '85 Honda Nighthawk 650 that I had owned for 5 years. I had no accidents in that time, had a generally positive riding expernace with only a few "close calls" and most of those were with deer - not other drivers. I took the MSF safety couse (strongly reccommended, even if you don't plan to ride) and that was a great preperation.

The rub for me was other traffic, and road conditions. In our area, I have access to many rural roads, where I can ride long distances with few other veichles nearby. Some rural interscetions are actually pretty dangerous for motorcycles - its' simply hard to be seen by other drivers. Sort of like a pedestrian walking - in NYC or Chicago - that's a daily, expected part of life. But in rural Illinois, a pedestrian walking a rural road could very easily be missed - as it's not in the mindset of drivers to be on the continual lookout for them.

What really gets me with your case are the insurance rates - granted my bike was older, but I only paid $310 (first year) down to $220 for the last year. That's the whole year price! As to the "liability vs full coverage" comment - it was $15 differance per year for me. I chose full coverage. I never needed it, but was glad to have it.

Maybe start with finding some gear, a good jacket, helmet, gloves etc. Start looking on Craigslist for Vanson or Schott products and then consider how much you want to ride. You'll find the protective gear alone is pretty comprehensive, but is a challange to fit correctly (as I found out.) Good luck....
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