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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
I always toy with the idea of an M5/M6. I want a 6-speed though. The mechanics of a SMG (long term reliability) bother me ... also its just plain and simple not as much fun as a traditional 6-speed manual

Im completely torn on what my next purchase is going to be. Do i get CPO 335xi 6speed, do i get a M5/M6 if I can find one, do i settle for a SMG, do i order a new m3 coupe, ugh

decisions decisions decisons... may just sit on it for now and save more money.w
Is this going to be your weekend car or your daily driver?

If it is going to be your DD then I would say go with and SMG transmission.

I Don't mean to be rude but why are you even thinking about a 335xi?

A 335xi and a M3 or M6 is like trying to compare a Ferrari F430 to a V-8 Ford Mustang! Two totally different worlds.

David I wished you lived closer so we could ride together. Nothing compares to an M6 with Eisenmann top down doing a buck 20 chasing another M6!!!
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