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Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
fuel. not simply vapor, or smell of fuel, but actual fuel. sorta like along the lines of a bad fuel pressure regulator letting in additional unmetered fuel.

if you unplugged an injector on the rail then you should have had a definate misfire/stumble/poor idle. i did not see that in the vid, so check the cold start injector.


Will do!

It does have a misfire/stumble/poor idle lol. But it didn't really seem different with that one unplugged. I'll try unplugging the other ones one at a time to see what happens.

Sometimes the idle is high, and sometimes it's low. I took starting fluid/brake cleaner everywhere and didn't notice a difference in idle.

HOWEVER, when I sprayed a little into the throttle body elbow, the engine actually idles down. Strange
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