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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
Im waiting to see if Im gonna need to drive 100 miles round trip for work or not .

so thats y the 335xi coupe would come into play. it would be more of a DD right now i DD my z06 but im keeping the z06.

the 335xi also is half the price of a CPO m5/6
Ok that makes more sense now. You wouldn't want to drive an M5/6 100 miles every day but that's just me.

If I were you i would sell the Z06 and get and M6. Guaranteed to have more fun in the M.

Before I bought my M6 i was looking at a red 08 Z06 and just didn't fall in love with her after the test drive and for the kind of money these cars are I couldn't pull the trigger without loving the car. Don't get me wrong the Z06 is a beautiful looking car you just see so many of them and with the stock vette's driving around the average person can't tell the difference.

Keep us updated on what you end up going with.

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