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Originally Posted by jtrevill View Post
You know I have to admit - I came to this forum and found it really informative when I had a problem (by the way - for those asking, it was Valencia BMW that took such great care of me). However, as I've continued to read and try to be a part of the forum, I've found that it is full of people being rude to others and putting others down just based on their opinion.

My in-laws are the ones that pointed me at the BMW's and my only concern was that I didn't want to be grouped in with the typical BMW owner. They asked what I meant, and I explained this forum to a T.

I'd like to know where you pick up such as skill as estimating someones age based upon their posts and tint preferences. Get your money back, your way off. For all those who NEED to know what I'm transporting - it's people, and I live in a place where it regularly gets 115 in the summer. PS - it looks great, 20 or 50 year old, it still looks great.

Thanks for the input. I don't think I'm going to be an active member of the forum anymore just based on the general feeling I get around here. Thanks to those that were supportive and helpful though.
It was a ****ing joke.

1. Get a thicker skin if you're going to hang around on internet forums.
2. Lighten up.

Some of us like to inject some levity around here. That includes a little bit of teasing. Sorry if you couldn't figure that out from the tone of my post, but that sort of fits into the whole "internet" thing... if that rubs you the wrong way then I have no idea what you're going to do when BJ posts that he will Paypal you money right now to take the window tint off the car.

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