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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
Please read this before buying or installing converted hid bulbs in housings not made for them.

I recently purchased and installed a used set of halogen euro smileys for my car. It came stock with what are known as the "free forms" around here, awful lights by any measure. I can tell you that the euro smileys with halogen bulbs are really all you need as far as a lighting upgrade. I recently did an all nighter across country and found that with the new lights, I almost never felt necessary to use the high beams. I was not over driving the lights even at 80-90 mph. This is even prior to finding a set of +50 halogen bulbs. Huge improvement, huge.

If you want the blue look, well, then actual lighting isn't your concern and best of luck with the hid's.
interestingly, i find the E30 and E34 elipoids crap. the smileys are the best of all of them, but still nothing amazing. get som high output H4s for them and they are okay though

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