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So I'm trying to learn more and more about my car and what I can do to maintain it. So far, I've heard a few things that if possible I would like clarification on. I was told the m20 doesn't need high octane fuel but responds better with it. Will I notice a difference if I use say 91 or 93 with the stock chip? Also, I was told that changing all the speed sensors is recommended. True or bull****? One last thing, I want to clean up the engine as best I can and from then on take great care of it. From what I can tell its been taken great care of so far but I would like to clean it out and get a fresh start so to speak. I was thinking of using motor flush, then changing the oil and putting in some engine treatment (zmax was recommended to me). Good idea or no? I'm not very car savvy but am a quick learner and am very interests in learning all I can about bmw's , mine specifically.
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