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Thumbs down EML light on after RMFD tranny install....

If u remember we had just rolled into San Antonio and RW was the first place I took the car for repair. One of the reasons I let them fix the car was they said they were going to put a (new) tranny in. Im not saying I know everything or alot about my car but when they make a big deal about how they didnt mess with rebuilds, that they only dealt with (new) transmissions. Since Penske was paying for it we might as well see if they will bite. Telling me that they would probably come back with an offer to pay 1/2 or rebuilt one. Telling me they warrant all their work etc. Basically Im feeling they are very knowledgable and seem to want to help me rather than hurt me!
When I got the check from Penske, called them they said it was ready. John and I get there and write them out a check $6330 the guy calls it in using the automated system, they decline it. Im telling the guy to speak to a live person esp. for a check that large. My husband left work to give me a ride to get the car and go right back. They had us jumping through hoops for over 5 freaking hours over this damn check. I started getting really frustrated. The funds were verified not once but twice with the lady from the bank. Not good enough, what is the problem. They keep saying how sorry they were but they had been burned lately buy a dude that played for the Spurs...right. and couldnt take any chances. Didnt make alot of sense to me but what could I do.
The bank told them we had over 7k in the bank but for some freaking reason that wasnt good enough for them. This run around went on for almost 5 hours. They wouldnt give me my car. Finally after 5 hrs we left and went to the bank and withdrew $6330.00 walked in and handed it to them in cash.

When we first arrived, got the invoice, I ask Juan for a copy of the other estimate so I could see exactly what we were being charged (out of pocket), he tells me he doesnt have a copy of it, said "we wouldnt keep a copy? Come on? This didnt sound right to me. I thought I should compare the (what they said they were going to do list) to the (what they actually did list) isnt that what people do when they get billed? I had the originals but not with me right then, forgot them on kitchen table at home. So right then, at that moment I had no choice. I thought, just get the car home then inspect it. Originally there was an estimate for Penske and another for US, items that they thought needed repaired. Why would they bill all the work together? Shouldnt there have been 2 different invoices

The original Penske estimate they list the tranny as A5S 390R TRANS but on the invoice they list it as RMFD Auto Transmission. The part numbers are same and I understand RMFD Transmissions are just as good as new. I think Penske thpught they were getting a New unit, not a RMFD unit? Shouldnt the repairs on the service invoice match the claim estimate?
Adjustments were made to the repairs on our estimate but never updated and given a copy. Do you guys think somethings wrong with the repair invoicing vs estimate quotes?

Rhine West in San Antonio replaced my transmission in my O4 X3. Ive had it back 3 days now, first day I thought rpms jumped up on me while I was crusing 65mph, then again next day, then tonight I was headed to the store backed out and started down a small hill and when I gave it a little gas, rpms went up but car didnt engage for about 2 secs. Leaving the store I see the EML and service engine soon light come on. The tranny slipped once more while driving. I took it in yesterday........... new issues, will start new thread. Is this what you guys go through when you get repairs done? I cant handle the stress, this seems crazy to me. Im getting pains in my stomach and everything from this.

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