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Who cares if its 30k or 5k car many can buy, not many can afford to keep it.
Bad argument. Why are we even talk bout it. I dont care what ppl think. I bought it cuz i like it. Lol
But u know,,, maybe ur right..., ill sell my e66 and go look for e65. Dammit what was i thinking?, right. Big luxury cars are really for tall ppl.... Thats right..... So are the phantoms, maybachs, and megacap truks etc etc. years and years of research? Otherwise how else would u come up with all this. Bmw could make 3 door 7 if ppl liked it. They wanna sell they dont care how tall or short u are. Look they even made b7 li ask youself why.
This is how u think and what u think. Doesnt mean others think same. Try less man its all good.

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