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Originally Posted by leannaluv View Post
As some of you know I just got my car back from Rhine West in San Antonio after they replaced my transmission in my O4 X3. Ive had it back 3 days now, first day I thought rpms jumped up on me while I was crusing 65mph, then again next day, then tonight I was headed to the store backed out and started down a small hill and when I gave it a little gas, rpms went up but car didnt engage for about 2 secs. Leaving the store I see the EML and service engine soon light come on. Are you kidding me?

If u remember we had just rolled into San Antonio and RW was the first place I took the car for repair. One of the reasons I let them fix the car was they fed me a great bowl of .. Im not saying I know everything or alot about my car but when they make a big deal about how they didnt mess with rebuilds, that they only dealt with (new) transmissions. That since Penske was paying for it we might as well see if they will bite. Telling me that they would probably come back with an offer to pay 1/2 or rebuilt one. Telling me they warrant all their work etc. Basically Im feeling they are very knowledgable and seem to want to help me rather than hurt me! I gave them over 6k in work w/600 coming out of pocket. When I got the check from Penske, called them they said it was ready. Tell me if Im wrong here,,, John and I get there and write them out a check $6330 the guy calls it in using the automated system, they decline it. Im telling the guy to speak to a live person esp. for a check that large. My husband left work to give me a ride to get the car and go right back. They had us jumping through hoops for over 5 freaking hours over this damn check. I got so pissed off I had to stay outside. The funds were verified not once but twice with the lady from the bank. Not good enough, Im like wth is the problem. They keep saying how sorry they were but they had been burned lately buy a dude that played for the right. and couldnt take any chances. Really? The check is from Penske, Im pretty sure thats not what they cared about, obviously the 600 that was coming out of our own funds? Ive no idea. tic toc tic toc, The bank told them we had over 7k in the bank but for some freaking reason that wasnt good enough for them. I was so freaking mad everytime I headed in the shop my husband would cut me off and tell me I'll be done in a few minutes.. this went on for 4+ hours...
Those .................. would not give me my car. Finally after 5 hrs we left and went to the bank and withdrew $6330.00 walked in and handed it to them in cash. They about sht. I have never heard of such bs in my life. My husband almost lost his job, he was suppose to drop me off and come right back. Instead I had to watch him jump through hoop after hoop hour after hour, and for what, nothing. Just because?

One more thing. when I got home I was going over the invoice very carefully, I see on the Penske quote the transmission is listed A5S 390R TRANS but on my service invoice I see RMFD auto transmission. different? I realize that RMFD's are almost as good as new. I called BMW and ask if what I was seeing was cool. What gets me is Juan was having none of any tranny rebuilt, New or nothing. I swear it. They guys here know Im not lying, I told them when he told me. He was against the rebuilt ones and said BRAND NEW TRANNY is what we were getting. Do you think Penske thought they were paying 5K for a RMFD one? Im thinking no. New is new, RMFD is RMFD right or no? What ended that conversation was when he tells me "you must of misunderstood me? Told him I didnt misunderstand .... told him we had a problem and click. He called my husband, who is to blame for this entire mess to begin with! They also ripped the tint on 3 of the four windows, little tears with no tint. Im not a b, Im really nice usually very reasonable. But after the way they treated John and I picking the car up, they are on my sht list, I will haunt them as long as I can. They have no idea. Im taking the car and have it checked for EVERY LITTLE THING listed on that invoice.

I didnt want them to do the extra stuff but somehow when I wasnt around they talked my husband into it. Almost $125 hr for labor! Originally there was an estimate for Penske and another for US, items that they thought needed repaired. Why would they bill all the work together unlike the estimates? Is that normal?

You guys have always been honest with me here, if Im wrong I will accept that but plz splain lol......... at this point Im just hoping I dont end up in jail. Oh joy, Im cool until they start telling me things that didnt happen.. thats were things go sough. Dont tell me the sun is shinning with we both know its freaking raining.
Sorry to hear you're having problems.

Remanufactured transmissions are the norm and are every bit as good as a new one. I don't think you can even buy a new transmission. This is the BMW parts listing and they only show remanufactured:

The run around because of the check is not unheard of. There are so many scammers printing "authentic looking" checks that everybody is scared of them.

The EML light may have something to do with the tranny or it may not. The only way to tell is to get it scanned and see.
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