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Hello room! My 2005 745i stalled on me the other night and started right up but this was after I had to jump start the car.
I had a flat so while changing it I had the trunk open (not thinking anything of it) after replacing the flat I went to start the car so I could park
It better and notice that the comfort close wasn't working. The car still started so I parked it and went back to work. 15 minutes later my alarm was sounding off so I went to turn it off and the car wasn't responding to the remote. I had to use the key to open the door, once in I tried starting the car and it was dead. I wasn't getting any power but the radio & A/c was coming on. I got a jump (thinking maybe the battery was going) then took it for a quick ride to try and charge the battery. Once I got back to the parting lot I was pulling into the parking space and that's when the car stalled on me. I parked it after it starting back up and went back into work. 2hrs later when I was ready to leave work, it started back up with no problem. 2 weeks ago I had the car off but (radio on & iPhone charger in) and tried to start it and car wouldn't start. I had to get a jump and that worked (car never stalled for this situation)

I've read around and think it can be my battery, the intergrated supply module or alternator. Really I'm unsure and don't know what else to do but take it to the stealer (DEALER) and get a further look. I'm new to Houston and don't know anyone so if you all could help I would appreciate it.
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