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Why are u bragging about it for so long i already told you I DONT CARE. And the reason i have e66 cuz I LOVE IT))))And i hate the short look of the rear door on e65. i dont want limo i dont care what u think, i dont care if other ppl know the difference or they dont. I know the difference thats why i choose e66. Im not going into argument with u cuz i know i wont prove **** to you and u wont change my mind with whatever u say about it so i wont waist my time. I love my long boat e66 lol it all that matters.))))) everything u said u should save it and post it in every thread where ppl ask for an advise b4 buying the car. Tell them all to get e65. And lets see how far they tell u to go. Ppl like different stuff thats why i dont agree with u
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