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I spoke too soon, it happened again, the car did not start. I'm noticing on initial cranks, it feels like it wants to start but drowns out, as if it's not receiving sufficient fuel. After several tries, it simply cranked but did not start. That night, after unable to start the car, the alarm suddenly goes off during the middle of the night. On this rare occasion, I had parked the car outside and locked/armed before going to bed, I typically park inside the garage and don't lock or arm the car. The alarm ran through it's cycle three times before I woke and put the key in the driver door to unlock the car, that's what made it stop. This also happened once before, the car was parked outside at a friends house and the alarm went off. It ran a few cycles before it stopped on its own. I thought possibly a rumbling truck may have triggered it. Also, now that I think about it, there was one instance when both the driver and passenger windows automatically wend down about half way, the sun roof also retracted about half way as well. The car was parked in my garage and I remembered all windows and sun roof were closed. When I returned to the car several hours later, I found it with both front windows and sun roof half way open. I typically don't lock or arm the car when parked in my garage, I also leave all windows and sunroof completely closed whenever I park. This happened only once before during the beginning stages of the "no start" issue. It seems like all these symptoms are related as none of this ever happened before. It now appears that I have an electrical issue at play. Any thoughts or ideas on what component could be responsible for this? Any additional help would be greatly appreciated!
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