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Originally Posted by DFEL750I View Post
You disagree with me based on what? Are you saying that the average Joe knows the difference between the E65 and E66... Are you kidding me? We have people who own these cars that come on here that don't know the difference. When you disagree with things that are fairly obvious to most people your opinion gets discredited fairly easily.

I would bet you $1000 that you can take an E66 show it to it around the block and come back with an E65 in the same colour and 9 out of 10 people would think you were driving back around with the same car. You can even throw some 7 series owners in that mix too and the numbers wouldn't change.

You can probably even take a 5 series and badge it as a 7 series and most people wouldn't know the know why? That's because the average joe can only tell which model it is by the damn badge on the car and the only thing that means something to them is the first number in the badge. Same thing with the other models. 323, 325,328xi, 335 are all 3 series to the average person. When people ask what car I drive and I say a 7 series they never ask if it's a I or LI ...the most they will do is ask what year. So tell me again If I want to drive a 7 series, why would I want to drive a less sporty car which doesn't offer any additional benefits to the driver?
Way to stick up for the E65 guys man! I love my E65, but I'm not going to bash other people based on which one they have. I think both are great in there own ways and they both bring something different to the table, which is why BMW made them both, to appeal to the taste of different buyers. Thats just my two cents!
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