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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
It is possible. There is a small access door to get at the oil drain plug without having to remove the large belly pan. The filter on the 6-cylinder is accessible from the engine bay.

You may find that depending upon which side of the car you raise the sump will be tilted and leave old oil remaining in the sump. You could start the drain and then lower the car back down to insure a complete draining of the sump (make sure you position the drain pan right so oil doesn't end up on the floor).

You may also consider a low profile floor jack that you can use to jack up the entire front end and then set two floor jacks. There is a jack pad directly in the center of the car just behind the steering rack on a cross member.

Use a quality full synthetic (suggest 5W-30 or 0W-40) and make sure you replace the crush ring on the oil drain plug and properly lubricate the filter gasket before installing the filter housing (both come with the new filter). If you need further information there are some very good DIY procedures on this forum.

If you want to keep the engine running well for a long time examine your driving habits. Lots of short trips and stop and go traffic should cause you to stay on the shorter side of drain intervals (4-5K miles between drains). If you do more highway driving then you can go as long as 7500 miles. Once the additives in oil are used up the oil's characteristics change dramatically for the bad. New oil is alkaline in pH. As contaminants build and the oil oxidizes the pH drifts neutral. If the oil is not changed before the additives are used up the oil becomes acidic and is very hard on gaskets and seals. Detergents are also used up and can no longer suspend contaminants which settle onto engine parts and become sludge.

Rule number one is never overheat the engine. Rule number two is that changing oil often is the cheapest thing you can do to insure a healthy engine.
Okay, has anyone read the following step while performing a oil change on M54 before?

"Turn the engine once through 360 degrees by the vibration damper, and then wait for 15 minutes for the oil to drain."
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