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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
I wish I could have seen Fazda's car, but I'd used up my walking mileage for the day, and he was parked way the heck and gone across the parking lot. He's got to park with the group next year.

...and df, that Dakar had BOTH doors kitted with Lambo hinges. They'll open either way...I've got a picture of the passenger's door up in the "lambo-esque" position, but later it was swung open conventionally.
Huh, I thought he ran out of money after the first Lambo door. Didn't know it could open both ways... That's actually kinda cool. Wouldn't spend a penny to install it, though.
Originally Posted by dc_wright View Post
The install job on the flat gray one (lambo doors) was so bad it would have made your eyes bleed. Looked like they applied the filler with a garden trowel and smoothed it with a cheese grater. Ken K said he saw them tow it in with a rope and it left the same way.
The two E36s with the 3.0 liter Supra swaps were different, not sure I like the German/Asian fusion. Kinda like trying to eat wienerschnitzel with chopsticks.
Fazda's 305 chevy swap was amazingly clean.
So many cars..............
Somehow missed the JZ-swapped E36s... I always miss something

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