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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
PM Sent with D/L Links.

I too may need the 47.7 files. I have a 2103 x3 and am in Germany, Just now got all my things together and started coding. With your previous help (and I am so ever grateful) I was able to change the radio frequencies to the European standards (instead of the US) and it really works! But I have some data display errors (when the display is showing the radio frequencies or names) and cannot figure out how to correct it. For example - some numbers appear to be doubled on a single character. i.e. a 7 and a 4 may appear on top of each other... and sometimes it looks like a check-mark is on top of a number (single digit)
Anyway - I am using 46.6 (as far as I can tell) and have had no coding errors - it may be that some other setting needs to be changed. However a link to 47.7 would be greatly appreciated

And if anyone else in the Kaiserslautern Germany area would like to get together to work on this coding stuff, please let me know....

Thanks for ALL of the help and assistance you guys provide to us newbies!!!
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