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Got your PM. Thanks so much! And...Sorry about the 47.7 typo - I should put my glasses on when I first get up!

Yes! I can confirm the info you gave works to change the FM frequency spacing. It ALSO works on the AM band - it changed that to 9khz (rather than 10khz) so the AM works perfect. Now if I could just get rid of the random "check-marks" that show up on the display...

Additionally the scrolling function for "automatically scanned" frequenciies does not work properly. If I go to that screen, I see 10 - 15 radios frequencies that the tuner has found and normally you can just scroll thru them and select one - well the "scroll" function (the red rectulangular box) does not scroll correctly. If you go up 3 or 4 it jumps back to the bottom of the list.

(I don't know.... but perhaps Bummel can help? He is in Germany too?)

There must be something else that I need to change - I will search tonight (I am at work)

btw - the auto door unlock function works GREAT! I am soooo happy! (simple things can make a big difference)
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